Services Available

Dr. Kelly Spore provides natural, holistic family health care. The holistic philosophy is to nurture and nourish and entire being — mind, body and spirit. Holistic health care means developing a personalized health restoration program and providing accessibility to other health professionals when necessary, while addressing multiple components that impact our physical body.

Chiropractic care is a powerful and natural way to activate the body’s inherent healing ability. Chiropractic is a science and an art that focuses on the relationship between the nervous system and function of the body. The nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ, and system.

Advanced and Alternative Therapies Available:

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine identifies WHAT AND WHY the body is going haywire resulting in poor health. Doctors of Functional Medicine take a patient-centered approach to address the root cause(s), not just the presenting symptom. We spend time researching and developing an appropriate treatment plan to help the body naturally return to good health. This is based on a detailed patient history, physical exam, and advanced diagnostic testing, in addition to any influencing genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. If you’re suffering from disease, poor health, or you know something just isn’t right, it means something is going haywire within the body. Let’s figure out WHAT and WHY then do something about it!


Traditionally, Chiropractic Physicians were called upon for treatment after a back or neck injury occurred. Today, many people seek chiropractic as preventative care to avoid structural changes that can lead to injury and illness. Chiropractic combined with other alternative therapies can provide an even greater opportunity to help your body heal. Clients seek our treatments for a wide variety of conditions such as back pain, neck pain, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, sports injuries, and injuries due to repetitive motion. Often patients come for Wellness Care as a means to prevent potential future injury and achieve their optimal health and wellness allowing them to enjoy a quality of life that allows them to live their life to the fullest.

Massage Therapy

Massage is another way to activate the body’s inherent healing ability. Massage Therapy is well known for reducing stress, promoting relaxation and being effective for relieving/managing chronic pain. There are a variety of Massage Therapies available. Speak with Dr. Spore to help determine which Massage Therapy is right for you. (add this to the top of the Massage Page too please)

Energy Therapy

Energy is the foundation of who we are and what we create. It is a vital, living, moving force that determines our health and well-being. By utilizing techniques that combine ancient healing therapies and spiritual concepts, energy therapies provide us with tools to address the electromagnetic and subtle energies within the body that affect our overall health, emotions and behaviors.

Detoxification Therapy

Therapies to help reduce the amount of damage caused by heavy metals and toxins. 

Nutritional Supplements