Belief Reprogramming

Belief ReprogrammingThe therapist enters the client’s “mind space” to replace or resolve negative or limiting belief systems and negative emotions that no longer serve the client.  Our beliefs are the foundation of who we are and how we act, or rather, how we REACT to our environment.  Our beliefs guide us in our daily activities through our perceptions of what we see, hear and feel.  Unfortunately, most of our beliefs have become distorted due to past experiences leaving us with inaccurate perceptions of reality.  Sometimes our beliefs are hidden deeply within our consciousness and we must dig our way to the underlying issues that hold us back…those issues that stop us from being who we want to be, from achieving the success we know is ours, from the living the life we desire.

If you believe life is a struggle, it will always be a struggle for you.

If you believe you do not deserve health and happiness, you will not achieve health and happiness.

In reality,

You Are Worthy – You Are Loved – You Are supported – You Are Safe

This technique is used to “flip” the limiting/negative belief or emotion to something helpful and positive.  It works in a variety of situations.  Here a few examples of what I have seen happen with this technique.

  • A client got a runny nose every time she spoke in public or was in large groups. I suppose that wouldn’t be so bad except she was a public speaker.  She had spent thousands of dollars over two decades to resolve this problem seeing every Nose, Throat and Ear Specialist she could find.  We discovered and flipped the unwanted belief creating this problem in one session…..she never got a runny nose again from speaking in public.
  • One client had emphysema. Things were getting critical for her so we began working through belief systems regarding what brought her to this point in her health.  What thoughts/beliefs created the behavioral patterns or the emotions that inspired the actions that created this state of health.  We did multiple sessions and the results were amazing.  Her doctor told her he didn’t know what she was doing but to keep it up.  Her improvement was remarkable.
  • Another client had relationship problems with her daughter with constant arguing and neither really communicating. After the first session, she called me the next day to tell me that shortly after she got home last night, her daughter arrived and within a few minutes the daughter commented, “Something is different.”  The client didn’t tell me all the details of what transpired but she did say the two of them spent the rest of night talking and enjoying each other’s company.  Each admitted to the other that they were enjoying the evening so much that didn’t want to go to bed.  That night, mom even got a hug and kiss from her daughter for the first time in years.
  • One client had such a fear of leaving her house that is took her hours to travel 30 minutes. She had experienced the role of “the victim” for so long and had experienced so many bad things that she no longer wanted to leave her house.  But her inner power had not been destroyed so she forced herself to face her fears as we went through sessions to release the negative beliefs and unwanted emotions created from her experiences of the past, restored her personal power and she began living for the first time in years as a woman in control of her life with confidence, strength and free of fear.
  • There have been several clients wishing to work specifically on issues around prosperity, health, self- confidence, self- worth and love. At the moment, it may not seem probable from your viewpoint that all these good things can happen.  Especially, when we are so busy and forget that we “know better.”   But if you can give just a small opening with “anything is possible” then the results can be amazing.   The only thing stopping you from everything wonderful… is you.

Personally, I find the Belief Reprogramming phenomenal.  The results I have seen for myself and others are amazing.  And every now and then I have to give myself a little “tune up” because I’ve been too busy to notice I developed some bad habits of negative thought or limiting thoughts that lead me to living a limited life.   I know better and so do you.

Sometimes we think:   I’m not loved. I’m not worthy.  I’m not worthy of love.  I’m a victim.  I’m hopeless. I’m stupid.   It’s my fault.  Money is evil.  I’ll never have enough money.  I’m not enough.  I’m too much. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of failure.  I’m afraid of success.

FEAR!! Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of the unknown.

Bottom line is that none of that is true or can truly hurt you unless you allow it to control you, but there are times when it sure feels that way.

Together we can remove those thoughts and beliefs that limit us and actually live a life of love, joy, peace, happiness, good health and financial abundance.

30 minute session = $65
60 minute session = $125
5 session package – $550

This session can be done in the office or as a distance healing.