Biofield Restoration Therapy (BRT)

This therapy is a combination of Belief Reprogramming, Biofield Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, and Reiki plus one of my own techniques similar to Reiki.  It’s the ultimate combination of healing to cleanse, clear, repair and recharge your Biofield!

The first part of our session is for Belief Reprogramming which is used to “flip” a limiting/negative belief or emotion to something helpful and positive.  Our beliefs are the foundation of who we are and how we act, or rather, how we REACT to our environment.  Our beliefs guide us in our daily activities through our perceptions of what we see, hear and feel.  Unfortunately, most of our beliefs have become distorted due to past experiences leaving us with inaccurate perceptions of reality.  It is those beliefs that stop us from being who we want to be, from achieving the success we know is ours, from the living the life we desire.

The second portion of a BRT Session is a Biofield Energy Healing for all aspects of the physical you: your physical body, your Chakra System and your Auric Field.  This is when the practitioner energetically enters the space of the client to perform a Biofield Scan which internally and externally scans the physical body and its surrounding energy layers for dysfunction and dis-ease of any sort, then performs an energetic healing ….cleansing, clearing, repairing and recharging the biofield.


30 minute session = $65
60 minute session = $125
5 session package – $550

This session can be done in the office or as a distance healing.