Biofield Energy Healing

The practitioner energetically enters the space of the client to perform a Biofield Scan which internally and externally scans the physical body and its surrounding energy layers for dysfunction and dis-ease of any sort, then performs an energetic healing … cleansing, clearing, repairing and recharging the biofield.

I have to admit this treatment was a stretch even for me to believe in the beginning.  But as more and more clients received this treatment and got results they had not gotten elsewhere, I had to concede it must work.  Sometimes there are energies tangled up creating a blockage so we untangled them.  Sometimes there are masses of darkness that do not belong so we dissolve them.   Sometimes there are holes or tear in the energy fields so we fix those too.  I can’t list all the labels of the health conditions I have seen during this treatment…it’s run the full gamut of urinary tract infections, to earaches, to sinus problems, to headaches, to tumors…. the list goes on and on.

30 minute session = $65
60 minute session = $125
5 session package – $550

This session can be done in the office or as a distance healing.