Chakra Balancing

Chakra BalancingThere are seven major chakras in our body; they control our emotions and mental attitudes that can cause or reflect an imbalance within a particular chakra.  “Chakras are said to function as emotional and spiritual energy transducers.  Anything that causes a blockage or disturbance in the flow of subtle energy through one or more chakras can also lead to the development of illness in the body.”   Although you can balance the chakras through a variety of ways, in the office we will use Sound Therapy, Color Therapy and/or Reiki.

Sound Therapy:  also known as sound healing; is one aspect of vibrational medicine.  This therapy utilized vibrations of the human voice and objects that resonate:  tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, etc.  Sound Therapy takes you beyond relaxation and stimulates healing from within the body.  Our sessions make us of tuning forks to create the vibrations the body needs to heal.

Color Therapy:  another aspect of vibrational medicine is the use of color to help the body heal; color has been found to have a direct influence on our thoughts, moods and behaviors.  Again, there are a variety of ways to restore harmony in the body.  We will be using Color Therapy Glasses.

30 minute session= $35                                                60 minute session = $70

Our body is amazing…how everything intertwines to make us who we are, how we move, the physical aspect of the body, the chemical aspects of the body, how we think, and how we respond to life experiences.  There are several books written on the chakra system so I won’t attempt to explain them here.  Chakra Balancing is sort of like hitting the “reset” button or a piano being “tuned”.  Actually, a piano might be a good analogy.  If I play a piano that has not been tuned in a very long time, I can press the piano key, the key will still work/function, but the result is not correct.  Something is off.  I didn’t get the true sound of the note that I played.  I got a modified version of it.

That’s sort of what happens when our chakra system is out of balance.   We still go on, everything functions the same way…’s just that we aren’t quite at our best.  Eventually, we will create dis-ease somewhere in the body.  So when something seems “off”, it’s probably time for a Chakra Balancing.


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