Distance Healing

If you wish to receive a Distance Energy Healing, Core Belief Reprogramming or Reiki Session through distance healing, please print an application, sign and return with payment. Please make sure handwriting is legible and all information is complete. Once your application has been received, a return letter will be sent to notify you of which issues were detected and the date scheduled for the energy medicine session. You must reply via email or a brief phone call to verify you have received the letter, have read the material and are ready to move forward. If you would like to speed up the process you can request that all information be sent via email.

Once the work has been completed you will receive an update as to what was seen or experienced. This is typically a very general overview, but it gives me the opportunity to provide you with any areas that may need additional support. Occasionally, one hour sessions need to be divided into separate sessions depending on the individual (too much change at one time may create a healing crisis in the body).  If this should occur, the second session will occur within one week of the first session.  If you like, sessions can be performed by Skype, Join.Me, or GoToMeeting.

Remember, your logical mind may believe one thing while your cellular memory may hold a different belief. Do not be surprised to see things you disagree with, it is simply a belief held in a different layer. The body can also get very specific, while it may seem as though some beliefs are repeated, this is the body providing yet another pathway to release a specific event.