A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.  Reiki energy flows through the practitioner’s hands into the client increasing the client’s vibration with positive energy.  The client is usually lying comfortably on a massage table but could be seated.

This is a therapy I use for pretty much everything.  The body can heal itself but sometimes we need to give it a little jump start.  I was convinced of the benefits of Reiki when a female patient in Phoenix who had received an epidural during the birth of her son came into my office with severe pain.  When she found me, it had been over 20 years of dealing with the after effects of something that had gone awry from the epidural.   We did one session which opened the energy pathways and the problem was solved.   It doesn’t matter what the problem is… Reiki can only help.

30 minute session = $35 60 minute session = $70

This session can be done in the office or as a distance healing.