Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine identifies WHAT AND WHY the body is going haywire resulting in poor health.   Doctors of Functional Medicine take a patient-centered approach to address the root cause(s), not just the presenting symptom. We spend time researching and developing an appropriate treatment plan to help the body naturally return to good health. This is based on a detailed patient history, physical exam, and advanced diagnostic testing, in addition to any influencing genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.

If you’re suffering from disease, poor health, or you know something just isn’t right, it means something is going haywire within the body. Let’s figure out WHAT and WHY then do something about it!



Step 1: Complete the Functional Medicine New Patient Forms.
For Functional Medicine, knowing your current physical concerns, medical history, and prior test results (if any) are crucial to effectively understanding what might be contributing to your health concerns. Because of this, Dr. Spore has created detailed new patient forms for you to complete. She will review these documents prior to your Functional Medicine Initial Appointment.

Eventually, the website will allow you to complete documents and receive confidential information. In the meantime, you can print the packet information from the Resources section under Patient Forms, stop by my office to pick up the Functional Medicine New Patient Packet, or send me an e-mail at and I’ll reply with the attachments that make up the packet.

Step 2: Submit or have Dr. Spore request any important documentation or tests results from your current and previous doctor(s). This is not required but it is very helpful so she can see much of your medical history. You may have collected your own lab results, imaging reports, or doctor notes from previous doctor visits related to your health concerns. If so, please provide a copy to Dr. Spore.
You may prefer for Dr. Spore to contact your doctor and request relevant medical notes and test results. If needed, a medical release form is included with the new patient forms. Please be sure to indicate on the form if you want Dr. Spore to acquire this information on your behalf. Your doctor’s office may charge a fee for sending copies of medical records – many do. If so, these costs are your responsibility and will be added to your Happy Health & Wellness account.

Step 3: Submit your payment for the Functional Medicine Initial Appointment with Dr. Spore.
As Dr. Spore will analyze your medical history and documentation prior to your Initial Appointment, these sessions must be prepaid and are NON-REFUNDABLE. Sorry, until the new website is available, you’ll need to include a check with your completed New Patient Packet or schedule a time to drop off your documents to use a credit card at Happy Health & Wellness, 124 North 7 th Street, Vincennes, IN 47591.

Step 4: You will receive notification via email or a phone call that your new patient forms, medical records, and payment have been received and Dr. Spore has thoroughly studied your information.
At this point we can schedule your live Functional Medicine Initial Appointment with Dr. Spore. Because the initial appointment reflects pre-work to examine your detailed history and prior tests results, there are NO REFUNDS.


First session (Initial Appointment for Functional Medicine): During this 60 minute session, we will review the Initial Case Report that I prepared based on the medical documents you provided; perform a focused physical exam (if necessary); establish your healing goals; and identify any initial diagnostic tests to be performed before your next visit.

Second session (Report of Clinical Findings): During this 30 minute session we will discuss the lab results and interpretation of the diagnostic tests; review your previously established goals; and agree on a treatment plan designed for you specifically, including the necessary lifestyle modifications and correct nutritional supplements to help your body heal naturally.

Follow-Up Appointments: After 30 days we will meet again to discuss your results and evaluate your treatment plan. Obviously, if you need to schedule sooner do not hesitate to contact me. We will meet every 30-60 days to determine effectiveness of the designed treatment plan and make adjustments, if necessary. Occasionally we will re-run some of the diagnostic tests to see additional evidence of your improvement progress.



Initial Appointment (first session): $275
Report of Findings (second session): $175
Follow up session(s): $75

The Initial Appointment and Report of Findings Sessions are prepaid and NON-REFUNDABLE as they require pre-work before your actual appointments. Diagnostic Tests and Nutritional Supplements are not included the session fee.

Diagnostic Tests vary in price depending on the test performed and the laboratory performing the service. Some of the companies accept insurance, some will be direct pay and others will be paid through the office. You will know in advance which payment form to expect based on the specific diagnostic tests recommended for you.