K. McCammon

“I’m an avid runner that unfortunately lives down a gravel road. Getting ‘out of whack’ is becoming more and more common as I get older. I tried ignoring the back pain, stiff neck, and loss of range of motion in order to hang on to my youth. Even took a week or two off from running. A friend suggested I try a deep tissue massage. I was still a little reluctant but after 30 minutes, Dr. Kelly had me back in my running shoes! I really only have two complaints…

1. I waited so long to get do something about my pain.
2. That my so called ‘friend’ allowed me to sign up for ONLY 30 minutes!

I have found my fountain of youth– happy health!

It’s all GoOD”

Barb D.

“For years, I’ve suffered with various back and leg issues. As a side sleeper, almost every morning I would have up with pain in my thighs. For over a year now, I’ve been seeing Dr. Kelly on a monthly basis for monthly massage therapy treatments and no longer have any pain. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m a firm believer is the value of monthly treatments. Not only has it helped by pain, but it also relieves my stress. I’m had massage treatments at various resort spas across the country and Dr. Kelly’s are by far the best!!!”

Bertha P.

“I have been going to Dr. Spore since she opened up in Vincennes. At the time I was looking for ‘non-conventional’ care. At Happy Health and Wellness, I have received comprehensive care – from detoxification, to headache relief and the traditional back, neck, shoulder alignment. She provides personalized care based on my requests and needs. The treatment is ‘appropriate’ without unnecessary visits. I now come for monthly maintenance appointments to stay aligned. I don’t know what I would do if I had to go back to the neck-cracking care of other providers! Thanks for being a unique service-provider in Vincennes.”

Debbie M.

“Seven years ago my husband, daughter and I relocated to Vincennes. We needed to find a chiropractor who practiced specific types of therapies that were essential to our overall health.

We found exactly what we needed with Dr. Kelly Spore. Dr. Kelly not only provides gentle, non-invasive treatments that are designed for each individual, she also provides other services including the Bio-Cleanse Detoxification Footbath and the Low-Level Laser.

My family and I have been able to maintain our health with the assistance of Dr. Kelly. We are grateful for her healing touch and the numerous services she provides.”

Jonathan D.

“I have been a long supporter of the benefits of Chiropractic Medicine. When I was in elementary school, weekly visits to the Chiropractor cured my scoliosis, so I have been a fan ever since. In my early twenties, I suffered from horrible sinus infections, and had an extensive surgery to correct defects with my sinuses. A few years ago, I felt horrible sinus pressure building, and after consulting with Dr. Kelly, the sinus pressure went away after about a fifteen minute treatment. I recommend Dr. Kelly Spore for all your Chiropractic needs!”

Jono C.

“After months of training for the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon I struggled with injuries that I thought would keep me from participating but with Dr. Spore’s help and use of chiropractic treatment and massage I was able to complete the race close to my original goal time. Then a month later complete the ToughMudder that covers 12 miles and contains 26 obstacles. If you have something bother you that you can’t seem to get a handle on I would strongly recommend giving Dr. Spore a call.”