Carla G.

I am a 42-year musician and teacher.  I have been going to chiropractors and massage therapists since I was a teenager in an attempt to control pain in my overused hand and to treat misalignments in my neck and upper back.  The regimen had been to see the chiropractor about every two weeks and the massage therapist about once a month.  Unfortunately, my adjustments would never hold for more than a couple of days and I would be in a state of almost constant discomfort or pain, with decreased range of motion.  I felt that my previous chiropractic care kept me in a state of “maintenance” and never moved me to a state of improvement.Since receiving care from Dr. Spore over the last six months, I have found that my adjustments hold for much longer, and the underlying problems have finally been addressed.  For example, when I used to work in my garden doing light chores such as weeding or pruning roses, I would suffer from a stiff, sore neck and an aching lower back.  The last time I worked in my yard a couple weeks ago, I felt energized and suffered no discomfort at all!  I can also play the piano and work on the computer for much longer periods than I could before.   I credit all this to Dr. Spore’s treatments.  Her approach gets to the root of the physical problem.  In addressing these issues, she helps the patient move past the state of maintenance and toward complete wellness.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from pain and desires total health.